Entry #13

Quotes From My Life

2012-12-02 02:18:59 by egg82

this list will grow.

Friend: "I'm bored."
Me: "You could always watch scrubs"
Friend (after five minutes): "You have completely ruined my work ethic. I hope you realize this"
Me: "My work here is done"

Friend: "That totally made my week."
Me: "Oh, no. Well, i'm about to ruin it."
Friend: "How's that?"
(I give him a link to an NG post)
Friend: "Done"
(I look it over)
Me: "You... You gave a straight answer wilthout biting the OP in the ass at all?"
Me: "Can I have $200?"
Friend: "Well, that escalated quickly."
Me: "It was worth a shot."

Friend: "Stream from Netflix."
Me: "I dunno if I can"
Me: "It has to be a h.264 codec type"
Friend: "Lame."
Me: "no, h.264"

Friend: "Meh, this is coming from the man who older, more educated then me that made such cult classics as Disembodiment and Tactics."
Me: "they're amazing, goddamnit >.>"
Friend: "Oh I know."
Me: "I'm coming out with a GOTY edition for Disembodiment"
Friend: "Is it going to work?"
Me: "I added a different texture to the main character"

Things I never want to hear:
Guess what you gave me?


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2013-04-20 22:29:38

hi im a random dood and i have a ? how big is this list get like i said im a random dood

egg82 responds:

Eventually it'll use every last character allowed


2013-05-27 18:58:53



2013-07-11 07:06:29

Lame is a codec for Audacity. But that does not make the 3'd joke smart or funny.

egg82 responds:

LAME is a lossless codec type that was created wayyyy before Audacity came out.

I thought it was funny because I came up with it in enough time to keep the conversation going without there being an awkward pause, which is usually something that only happens in sitcoms developed by writers that take quite some time to write the script.

Well, now the joke's ruined.


2014-11-26 03:00:11

are you some kind of entertainer?

egg82 responds:

An exceptional one!