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egg82's News

Posted by egg82 - December 2nd, 2012

this list will grow.

Friend: "I'm bored."
Me: "You could always watch scrubs"
Friend (after five minutes): "You have completely ruined my work ethic. I hope you realize this"
Me: "My work here is done"

Friend: "That totally made my week."
Me: "Oh, no. Well, i'm about to ruin it."
Friend: "How's that?"
(I give him a link to an NG post)
Friend: "Done"
(I look it over)
Me: "You... You gave a straight answer wilthout biting the OP in the ass at all?"
Me: "Can I have $200?"
Friend: "Well, that escalated quickly."
Me: "It was worth a shot."

Friend: "Stream from Netflix."
Me: "I dunno if I can"
Me: "It has to be a h.264 codec type"
Friend: "Lame."
Me: "no, h.264"

Friend: "Meh, this is coming from the man who older, more educated then me that made such cult classics as Disembodiment and Tactics."
Me: "they're amazing, goddamnit >.>"
Friend: "Oh I know."
Me: "I'm coming out with a GOTY edition for Disembodiment"
Friend: "Is it going to work?"
Me: "I added a different texture to the main character"

Things I never want to hear:
Guess what you gave me?


Posted by egg82 - October 18th, 2012

here's a compiled list of my programming tutorials, because they won't fit in my signature :(
(and a few extras as well :3)


Beginner's Guide to Programming
AS3, FD, and OOP the Right Way - video

AS3: State Machines
AS3: Service Locator

AS3: Sockets (Adobe AIR Style)


AS2 vs AS3

The Flash Library Thread
The Programming Library Thread

Posted by egg82 - October 12th, 2012

Figured i'd get rid of my birthday newspost since it's been a while, I just didn't really have anything important to say.

I post speedcodes and playtests of projects i'm currently working on from time to time - and if anyone's looking for programming tutorials, I post them here

(Funny thing about the name "speedcode" is I just came up with it on the spot. Never heard of a "speedart" before.)

I do take suggestions for future uploads, so don't be afraid to ask.

Posted by egg82 - October 4th, 2012

Little bit older, little bit wiser.

With any luck, when i'm old i'll be able to look back at this next year and go "well, that was stupid."

Posted by egg82 - September 9th, 2012

I bought a server a while back and finally decided to put it to use.
This is temporary until I get 1.3 working and all the server mods I want on it, so if one day (in a month or so) you start getting connection errors, you'll know why. I'll keep a backup just in case I want to go back to H/M for a bit in the future.


Server type is Tekkit, which can be found in the Technic pack.
Online mode is true (means no offline names or cracked clients)
Whitelist is off, so anyone can connect.
Max population is 40.

connect to mc.gametack.org (alternate address is
port is default (25565) so there's no need to include it.

Posted by egg82 - August 31st, 2012

I'll update this as it goes along.
No, i'm not worried or depressed or whatever. Mostly just confused.
Also thought it was a little funny :P

ummmmmm....... sorry man but ------------- (current girlfriend) and i are engaged sooooo..... sorry?? but yah change your status b4 someone gets too confused for there own good kk man

well, this isn't awkward at all O.o

can I get a little more information on this before I do, please? I was kinda left out of the loop

well about 5 or 6 months ago i met our deer friend right before we all left for box elder again we have been through heavin and hell deaths and births weadings and devorces and so we decided it was our turn at the table to get engaged in this thing we call life eternal

You're going to have to explain that a little better. Using actual sentences may help, it just looks like a big blob of text to me :/

oh, I get it now. But "life eternal"?
I'm fairly certain 90 is the cap for the current generation, unless we up our current science budget

well i know in the christian religion its till death do us part but i am not christian i am odenistic or norse and we believe a little different sooooo..... ya

ah, I see.

well, you've covered how you two met, but i'm still curious as to how and why all of this happened

I'm also curious as to why she hasn't simply done it herself

Posted by egg82 - August 29th, 2012

Rainbow pancakes are delicious when baked with broccoli, don't you think?



Posted by egg82 - August 22nd, 2012

so i'm officially a BBS junkie .-.

At least my 1000th post was pretty epic, I got to show off my skills at fizzbuzz in two languages without using division :D


Posted by egg82 - August 18th, 2012

I'm a muffins

Posted by egg82 - July 13th, 2012

Why is this here? Because it's on the user page, and self-promotion goes on the user page (If I were Tom, I wouldn't want people stealing my fanbase, either!)

So I created a website (well, "creating" - i'm not quite done yet) as a frontend/account system for public game servers.
The servers include minecraft and other well-known games as well as games that I create that require servers.

Here's the kicker: All of this is free for everyone to use. No, there's no strings, there's no catch.

So, why do I spend $40 a year for a website and $20 a month for servers when i'm just going to be giving away everything for free?
Honestly, it's because I can.

So, where is this magical and fantastical land of free games, you ask? (besides NG, of course!)
the website is gametack.org
the servers are listed on the website (you don't need an account to play the games)