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Instructions unclear, head stuck in microwave.

rule #1: NEVER kick the chicken

Amazingly done, albeit a little short. You deserve at least a 4

pretty good

Alright, i'll admit that the animation was pretty good for the length of the movie, and the clip was halarious. Keep it up!

Snubby responds:

Yeah the animation could be better. When I first started I was trying to finish the whole thing in a week.

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0/10 not actually a maze.

This fits into category 1: Baby's first game.
This is terrible and shouldn't be on NG, but don't get discouraged and continue game development.

orion1220 responds:

If you get far enough it is a maze.Thanks for showing up

I love mobile puzzle games. They're some of my favorite games.
This is a good mobile puzzle game. It ticks all the right boxes to be a good mobile puzzle game.

The mobile market is too saturated with good mobile puzzle games. This is too safe. It does nothing different or special, discounting the (only) semi-unique mechanic.

-1 point to Gryffindor.

Looking at this Flash in the list I thought to myself, "this is going to be another Flash IDE AS2 tutorial, isn't it?"
lo and behold, the first frame in and I was not disappointed.

Please, guys, don't make tutorials like these. The Flash IDE is an animation IDE made for animators. Not programmers. Animators.
It's the whole "right tool for the right job" thing, and you seem to have missed the boat on some great free software like FlashDevelop. Please learn AS3 and how to code correctly using Object-Oriented-Programming (inheritance) - you will find that your projects become much better and much more organized over time.

ZhaoAS2 responds:

See you next time.

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Looks like an interesting take on a puzzle-platformer, but how in the world would you play (and by extension, create) such a thing as this?

test-object responds:

Through the power of friendship!

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